What Workflow System Designers can learn from Minecraft's Game Design

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Zapier Interfaces Feedback Notes

Hi Luke! Check out the intro Loom first  🙂

General Feedback:

App Creator:

  • Page workflow felt easy to use and understand: The way Interfaces uses tabs in a web page setting felt at home thanks to page tabs being commonplace for web browsers.
  • Component workflow feels intuitive: Dropdown add menu was straightforward to understand and adding functionality felt great via the +/”add component” button. Big fan of drag and drop
  • Felt like there was a high barrier to entry for the field workflow and in specific field editing: I instinctively wanted to click on the individual field to go into edit mode rather than the sidebar editor.
  • Felt like in part because I expected similar responsiveness found in component workflow and how similar workflows are structured in other products, (can share if you would like)
  • I was confused by page delete functionality when I first interacted with it.  Felt like there was no visual cue as to what would happen (fully acknowledging the text that clarified)

Form End User:

  • Feels really snappy and responsive: Dropdown menu feel really great and overall
  • For phone number field: limit to 9 num chars

UI Feedback:

Field & Form Editing:

  • Feels like two different design languages for the page layer and field layer - understand need to communicate difference to user but I felt there was a disconnect between the two and confused me the first time around.

I feel it would have been helpful for me if:

  • I was able to drag and drop fields inside the form itself rather than the side menu
  • Click on individual fields to edit them
  • The add field functionality was the same as the add component function (+ button at bottom of stack)

Delete Functionality:

  • Felt confused by the disconnect between the delete page function (highlighted text) and its visual representation. I found myself needing to delete pages a fairly often as a part of learning how interfaces worked to accomplish my goal of building out a form
  • In my experience, I would have been more upset to accidently delete a component (that I spent the last 5 minutes editing fields of to match my use case)
  • I feel it would have been helpful for me if:
  • there was a visual cue to as where the delete function was
  • there was a confirmation popup for when I wanted to remove a component (maybe only if I’ve edited it?)


  • when deleting a form , page crashes (500 error) and requires reloading but still deletes page